Call for papers for Vol.14 No.1 Jun 2024 (until April 30, 2024)


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Call for Papers for June 2024 (Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024)

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you, as lecturers, writers, researchers, practitioners, graduate students, and scholars of related fields of study, to participate in our upcoming volume by submitting your scientific manuscripts. The selected papers will be published in Volume 14, Issue 1, June 2024. The submission deadline for this issue is April 30, 2024. Articles submitted after this date will still be considered for publication in the subsequent issue.

Manuscripts can be submitted at any time, and you will receive a notification within 1 - 2 weeks. For a quicker response, please email:

Submission Preparation Checklist As part of the submission process, authors are required to ensure their submission’s compliance with all of the following items. Submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • You have understood the submission guide.
  • You have read, understood, and agreed to the author guide.
  • You have read, understood, and agreed to the manuscript withdrawal information.
  • The manuscript is free from plagiarism.
  • The manuscript has never been published and is your original work.
  • Manuscript files have been carefully prepared according to the template and sent in “*.docx/word” format.
  • The manuscript is not currently under review or submitted to other journals.
  • You will not submit this manuscript to other journals while it is still under our review.
  • If you are sure you have followed our terms, please click here to start submitting.
  • Please include your contact number or WhatsApp number in the comments column of the submission to facilitate communication.

We also invite you to join us as a REVIEWER or EDITOR to further enhance the quality of our publications. If you are interested, have potential, have time, and are willing to join, please fill out this form.

Thank you for your willingness.

Best Regards, Click “More …” for Indonesian

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